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Splitsvilla2 Theme Music

I know a lot of peple will be quite surprized to see me writing about something like Splitsvilla2 or anything related to it. It is true that it’s not worth wasting time, writing about something as superficial as a reality television show like Splitsvilla. However, I coouldn’t stop myself from writing about the Theme Music of Splitsvilla2, set to tune by the popular Indian band Agnee.

The very first time I heard the track, I was bowled over by the mesmerizing tune.  Neither it is a song, nor is it absolutely instrumental. The music has a particular tone set in tune. I am sure, whosoever listens to the music will find it extremely haunting. The tune is simple yet touching. The music, in totality, is able to convey a lot of feelings which makes it all the more amazing.  Love, hope, happiness – everything is put across in a very subtle manner. As you listen to the music, you tend to experience certain feelings going through your heart and mind, which are difficult to write in words.

People may be thinking I am crazy as I can write a complete post about the theme music of a tele series, but as I told you, in the very beginning, I am not able to stop myself. I am an ardent music lover. I love good music of all kinds, though I prefer not to listen to the really Hard Rocks. Before this music, I have listened to a couple of songs of Agnee like Sadho Re and Kabira and must say all of them were superb. I loved Sadho Re, especially, as it had all the ingredients of a good song – enchanting tune, superb lyrics and fine voice.  Now, after listening to the Splitsvilla2 theme music, I have become an even more bigger fan of Agnee.  It always feels good when you know that there still exists certain bands which are not trash, who really love music and work hard for offering a good prooduct to the listeners. So, if you want to listen to a music which will definitely touch your heart and take you on a trip, then make sure you listen to the Splitsvilla 2 theme music. For enjoying some more songs of Agnee, you can click here.

Rock Culture and Bengali Rock Bands

MUSIC… Music has always been my love and passion. Right from my childhood days, music has always been an integral part of me. Today, here, I take the opportunity to share my passion for Bengali Band Music with all of you. Bengal is a land of rich literary resource, numerous musical legends and a huge and very active middle class society. The land boasts of a plethora of talents in the cultural sphere including Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. The genre of music which was almost absent from the scenario was Rock music. Bengali music first encountered a wave of modernization in the 1970’s. With Mohiner Ghoraguli and their new and experimental genre of music, the new generation of youngsters were encouraged to express their myriad emotions like nostalgia, aggression, pain and anguish more zealously in a common channel. This new trend in the musical sphere at that time did not find many takers. But the credit for the emergence of 500 plus Bangla Rock bands today will definitely be put to Mohiner Ghoraguli. Their alternative form of music was not able to grab the crowd during the 70’s , but they became the visionary for the upcoming bands and gave birth to rock culture in the land.

Today, most popular bands enjoy an advantageous position where their albums sell like hot cakes the moment they hit stores. Band performances are the ‘in-thing’ and draw huge crowds mostly comprising of young school and college students, notwithstanding the age defying music loving uncles and aunties. Bangla music is for everybody. Though there is a surge of very hard rock bands in the recent times, yet most Bangla bands make sure they retain the distinct Bengali flavor in their music in spite of the heavy guitars and drums. It is this blend of western instruments with indigenous lyrics and tunes that imparts Bangla music it’s distinctive charm. Kolkata proudly offers platforms like Nazrul Manch, Someplace Else to cater to the tastes of the hyper active and enthusiastic audience for English and Bengali rock music and also help the bands to showcase their creativity. Pioneering Bands like Chandrabindoo, Cactus, Bhoomi, Fossils,ParashPathor have carved a niche’ for themselves in the Bangla music scenario with their own distinctive style of music and performances. Bangla band music has become the lifeblood for the average Bengali youngsters. One can relate to the music as most of these popular songs portray the life of an average Bengali and his sentiments, his dreams and ambitions, his heartaches and infatuations, his joy and nostalgia, life and death. Various aspects of the society including it’s flaws are also offered to the people in lyrical form. Large segment of Bengalis are immensely inspired by this form of music and are even ready to quit promising careers to the call of their passion. They want to do something exclusive and more meaningful and be an inspiration for the future generations. For that they are ready to defy every impediment coming their way, be it tradition, critics or even cultural limitations.

Music is a medium that transgresses all limits and goes beyond all boundaries. Bengali music was always rich with Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, songs by Atul Prasad Sen and also Adhunik or modern bengali songs. People dared to think beyond them and experiment with the other genres of music. The bengali bands broke the shackles and gave the audience the taste of rock music. Though most of the bands are influenced by western bands like Pink Floyd, The Doors and musicians like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Simon and Garfunkel, yet they have succeeded in keeping the distinct bengali touch in their tunes as well as lyrics. Bengali rock bands have come a long way and with a bright future ahead they have the the scope to spread the music far and wide.

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