Borisho Dhora Majhe – A Musical Call for Peace

I was always fascinated and amazed by Rabindranath Tagore. His stories, short stories, and his poetries were not just creations of a genius, they were creations of a person who was way ahead of his times. Or it can also be said that his writings, which he wrote at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century are meant for eternity. Sometimes I wonder how could he paint every emotion of a human being, every action of humanity with such ease, and could also foresee the glory and the despair of the future of mankind! Borisho Dhora Majhe Shantiro Bari is one such song, which though written in 1884 yet remains relevant in 2020. Such is the relevance of the wordings that they will resonate with us during these trying times.

The eternal optimist that I am, the lyrics of this song struck the emotional chords of my heart. This song is a prayer song and begins with the urge that the Earth be showered with the rain of peace. It talks about a world where there will be no jealousy, no deceits, no darkness, no unwanted attractions, no violence, no sorrow, no repentance, no misunderstandings, and no pretense. In the end, it implores that the stone-hearted be showered with LOVE.

The whole world today is reeling with hatred and violence, egos are running high, organized religions are fighting for their supremacy and misplaced blame game and whataboutery are ruining the very fabric of the society. When will people understand the futility of it all? People admonish you, people mock you – they say you are living in la-la land if you talk about equality, dignity, and peace! It’s high time everyone should pause for some moments and listen to Bhorisho Dhora Majhe Shantiro Bari. I am hopeful people will find comfort and get drenched in the deep and earnest call for peace.

The earnest plea for peace that the song Bhorisho Dhora Majhe prays has found the perfect voice in Timir Biswas. He is a known face in the Bengali singing scene. He is the lead singer of the Fakira, a Bengali folk-fusion band. Timir has finely reproduced the essence of this prayer song with his exceptional performance. His voice is mellifluous, his expressions sincere and heartfelt and the music arrangement spot on. You will be easily transported to a whole different world of dream and positivity with his rendition. He sang the song with the same emotion, passion, and sincerity with which it was written. Let victory be in peace and not in wars.

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