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While She Faded Away

While She Faded Away

She knew the day has arrived. It has been a few odd years. She went through several bouts of guilt and helplessness.

A few days ago Rumela received a call from her mother. The once regular calls have gradually become few and far between. Earlier, she used to talk to her mother for hours over the phone. Things changed drastically within a span of few years. Now her mother is not only bedridden, her mental state is also getting worse. She is gradually losing her memory and senses as well!

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Reaching for the Sky

Reaching for the Sky!
Reaching for the Sky!

There is so much to thank Nature for. The blue sky sets the perfect canvas for the white clouds to create a garden of white, flowing flowers! The tree trying to grow its wings and reach for the horizon. The tree reaching for the white flower laden dreamy sky creates a surreal ambiance just before a spring sunset!

The tree represents our life journey and the sky being the epitome of happiness. In our lives, as we grow, we try to reach for the happiness of our dreams. The cloud symbolizes the various forms in which we can find joy and happiness in our lives. It is definitely a miracle in how our lives and the ethereal beauty of nature are intertwined in the endeavor to find true happiness!

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My Memories of Football World Cup ’86

My love for sports in general and football(yes, football and not soccer) in particular started with the World Cup held in Mexico in the year 1986. Now, I was a little kid at that time – maybe just reached the age wherein I can start making memories!

I grew up with my two elder brothers – the eldest one being quite a sports fanatic. As he was 8 years older to me, in 1986 he was big enough to understand most of the nuances of the game. He was the the one who helped me create memories of that World Cup – by constant discussions about his favorite teams, favorite players and buying all the editions of SportsStar and Sports World. Continue reading My Memories of Football World Cup ’86

Come Winter – The Season of Mysticism and Melancholy

Waiting for the Mystic and Melancholic Winter

Still remember driving through this place and wondering that dreams do come true. The place seemed to come out from the pages of glossy magazines – the beauty of winter with all its glory!

Ready to get rid of the scorching summer heat and embrace the mysterious beauty of winter. The tall leafless trees, white quilt covering the grasses and trees here and there, the chilling wind and the scent of festivities all around – that for me is winter. After nearly six months of extreme temperature, my senses are just waiting with bated breath to announce the arrival of the mystic and melancholic winter. Yes, winter is coming!

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