Borisho Dhora Majhe – A Musical Call for Peace

I was always fascinated and amazed by Rabindranath Tagore. His stories, short stories and his poetries were not just creations of a genius, they were creations of a person who was way ahead of his times. Or it can also be said that his writings, which he wrote at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century are meant for eternity. Sometimes I wonder how could he paint every emotions of a human being, every actions of humanity with such ease and could also foresee the glory and the despair of the future of mankind! Borisho Dhora Majhe Shantiro Bari is one such song, which though written in 1884 yet remains relevant in 2020. Such is the relevance of the wordings that they will resonate with us during this trying times.

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Oslo to Bergen – A Magical Train Journey

Lush greenery, beautiful lakes and quite a lot of snow – have you ever been on a train ride which encompasses all these delightful landscapes in a matter of a few hours? Yes, I am happy to say I have been fortunate enough to witness that. The marvelous 6 hour 30 minutes journey from Oslo to Bergen left an indelible impression on me, one which I will cherish forever.

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Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway – The Sculptural Delight

frogner park view

I have always been fascinated by the enchanting beauty of Europe, especially the Scandinavian countries. Last year I was lucky enough to get the opportunity of traveling to a few European destinations, one of which was Norway. It was during the summer, so did not have the opportunity to witness the phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights.

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20 Years Later : A Collection of Mini Stories

A little girl, Saheli came out of the trial room excitedly wearing a beautiful red and yellow colored dress. She looked at her mother, who was waiting outside, to see whether she approves of her dress. The mother took Saheli in front of the mirror and nodded her head with a sweet grin in approval. The little girl hopped back to the trial room with pleasure.

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Classic Indipop Songs and Videos which Stood Apart -II

Classic 90s Indipop II
Classic 90s Indipop II

To begin with, it was a great experience writing about a few classic Indipop songs and their videos which were, according to me different, if not better from the rest. It is an extremely difficult task to jot down just a few songs amongst the plethora of mind-blowing Indipop songs of the 90s. If given an option, I could carry on creating lists of 90s Indipop songs which for me with all their all encompassing beauty will retain their charm even decades from now!

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Classic Indipop Songs and Videos Which Stood Apart -I

Classic 90s Indipop

This is my second post for My Friend Alexa 2020 campaign. I started with the campaign with a clean slate sans any specific theme. However, as I started ideating for my posts, I felt NOSTALGIA should have been my theme, as I love reliving my teenage and early adulthood days which shaped me as the person I am today! The last decade of the last century and the first few years of the 21st century witnessed the flourishing Indipop industry in the Indian music industry.

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Best Friends Forever

He remembers their incessant chats and laughter. He remembers their huge fights over trivial matters. They were so happy when they were with each other. Their presence was comforting to each other. They were always together in the light and the dark. They were best friends and they were soul mates.

Tears rolled down his eyes when he remembers the last time he saw her, seems just like yesterday. She got married to her prince charming. He was there at all her wedding rituals and ceremonies. He was always a part of her family. They grew up together from the age of 4 – went to the same school, the same classes. They even attended the same college. So, their friendship never experienced the concept of ‘distance’.

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While She Faded Away

While She Faded Away

She knew the day has arrived. It has been a few odd years. She went through several bouts of guilt and helplessness.

A few days ago Rumela received a call from her mother. The once regular calls have gradually become few and far between. Earlier, she used to talk to her mother for hours over the phone. Things changed drastically within a span of few years. Now her mother is not only bedridden, her mental state is also getting worse. She is gradually losing her memory and senses as well!

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