20 Years Later : A Collection of Mini Stories

A little girl, Saheli came out of the trial room excitedly wearing a beautiful red and yellow colored dress. She looked at her mother, who was waiting outside, to see whether she approves of her dress. The mother took Saheli in front of the mirror and nodded her head with a sweet grin in approval. The little girl hopped back to the trial room with pleasure.

20 years later : A widow came out of the trial room in a beige colored saree. Her daughter Saheli who was waiting outside, took her in front of the mirror and nodded in disapproval. She knows her mother loves everything bright! She then took her mother and picked up a green and yellow combination saree. Her mother’s face lit up and she gave her a warm smile.


Shalini is a 10 year old girl and is a witness to the different kinds of atrocities her mother has to face in her daily life. She is not given proper respect which she deserves. On the contrary, at times she is treated like a doormat. Shalini protests from time to time, in her own little ways. However, that does not change the scenario for more than a couple of days.

20 years later : Shalini is now 30. Tomorrow is her mother’s 55th birthday. Her mom has a huge surprise waiting for her. Her ‘grown-up and independent’ daughter bought her a cozy flat so that she can enjoy her life, after divorce, with dignity and integrity and enjoy the rest of her life in peace.


Pooja was brought up by a very religious mother who used to diligently perform all religious rituals with utmost faith. There were daily rituals as well as special rituals for special religious occasions. Her mother performed everything to the best of her abilities, right from fasting to offerings. There were times she suffered badly due to fasting because of her weak health condition.

20 years later : The now atheist Pooja partakes in all the religious rituals during the various Pujas with due diligence as a sign of respect for her deceased mom.


Virangana, the small thin girl was bullied almost everyday by the most popular girl in the class when she was in Class V. She tried to talk to the bully and instill some sense in her but all her words went to deaf ears.

20 years later: Virangana while driving via the highway met with a fatal accident. She had already registered as an organ donor in case of her death. Her bully classmate was in the heart donation waitlist for a few years. She was going through a very difficult phase wherein she required a heart urgently for transplantation. What are the odds that she received the heart of the girl she bullied 20 years earlier and never mended her ways even after repeated persuasion!


Jwala was a happy girl, loved by all. The things that happened to her a few days ago made her confused! Is she supposed to tell about that to her parents – that she felt humiliated, violated, dirty and threatened? He was her uncle who was very close to her and her parents. But the way he touched and behaved with her this time felt very different. She tried to keep her smile intact in front of others, while trying to conceal her agony.

20 years later: Jwala is now a lawyer and fight for the rights of women. She was assigned a case which took her back to the troubled part of her childhood. She might become the prosecutor for her perpetrators uncle’s daughter, who had been physically assaulted and violated by her boyfriend. Jwala is in a dilemma – should she take the case which will open up her well concealed wounds but will give justice to another girl or she should avoid taking the case. What do you all think she should do?

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