Classic Indipop Songs and Videos which Stood Apart -II

Classic 90s Indipop II
Classic 90s Indipop II

To begin with, it was a great experience writing about a few classic Indipop songs and their videos which were, according to me different, if not better from the rest. It is an extremely difficult task to jot down just a few songs amongst the plethora of mind-blowing Indipop songs of the 90s. If given an option, I could carry on creating lists of 90s Indipop songs which for me with all their all-encompassing beauty will retain their charm even decades from now!

Here are a few more songs and videos which I thought should not miss my list.

O Sanam: We cannot talk about the 90s Indipop era without the mention of this song. Lucky Ali came to the limelight with this song from the album Sunoh. The music video shot at the backdrop of the picturesque Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt paints an old-world charm while depicting a story about lost love! A heart-touching tune, Lucky Ali’s soulful rendition, and an incredible video penetrated our hearts then and will live with us forever.

Chandni Raatein : Originally rendered by the legendary Begum Noor Jahan, this remixed version sung by Shamsa Kanwal gave the love ballad a modern twist while retaining the old aura. The pain and melancholy of the lyrics found a mesmerizing voice with Shamsa Kanwal. Added to that was a somewhat quirky and finely made video. The happiness of being in love, the confusion of leaving your love, and the agony of letting go of your love – this fascinating video enhanced the sentimental aspect of the song.

Kachhe Rang/Asmani Rang Hain : For us, the 90s kids, the concept of ‘Sunset Point’ became famous with this song! Again a collaboration to die for – Gulzar, K.S. Chithra and Bhupinder Singh. I still get goosebumps every time Gulzar comes on the screen, with his shayari recitation in the background. This song and video has everything to die for – the exquisite blend of the beautiful lyrics and narrative with the mellifluous voice of Chithra and Bhupinder Singh and an artistic and romantic video featuring the exquisite beauty Chitrangada Singh and the handsome Sanjay Suri – what more can you ask for?

Nasha Hi Nasha Hain: Just as the title suggests, this one has all the ingredients which made me hooked to the song by Sukhwinder Singh from the word GO. The glorious soul-piercing voice of Singh along with the spectacular yet sad video is sure to strike the romantic chords of your heart and give you the chills. If you watch the song on loop, you can experience a different level of depth unknown to the majority of songs. You can watch the video here.

Krishna : A powerful video and a melodious inspiring song featuring stalwarts like Hariharan and Leslie Lewis, this song is a timeless classic. The music video and the lyrics are still relevant in today’s world where people are still trapped in the fight among religions, castes, races, and genders and are being provoked into violence due to them. The music video particularly is such an inspiring one – I feel parents can learn a lot about parenting and forgiving from this video.

Reliving childhood memories might be my favorite timepass and there is no way better way other than MUSIC that can give me the happiness of the good old times. A lot of memories are attached to a lot of beautiful songs, videos, and dances. I am sure you all have your own personal favorites which take you back to your golden days!

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