Revisiting Childhood with My Child

Rediscovering My Childhood with My Child

When I play with you, I remember how much playing with friends meant to me

When I laugh with you, I remember my sudden burst of innocent and incessant laughter

When I read stories to you, I remember how I enjoyed the stories read to me by anyone

When I narrate stories about my childhood, I remember what an experience it was

When I see you not interested in your studies, I remember how much I used to detest studies

When I see you not being scared of anything, I remember the old and brave Me

When I listen to you singing after me, I remember singing along with my Baba

When I catch you lying to me, I remember how much I have been a pain to my Maa

When I see you acting naughty, I remember how much fun it was being naughty used to be

When I see you go through streaks of reading obsession, I remember the innumerable times I obsessively read storybooks under the guise of studying

When I see you getting excited about even the littlest things, I remember how every day was exciting for me

When I see you being carefree, I remember how difficult it was to tame me

When I see you enjoying your childhood to the brim, I remember my magical childhood with fondness

You usher me every day with love, affection, hope, and the scope of reminiscing my childhood

I just hope I can gift you the roots to feel proud of and the wings to fly and touch distant horizons

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