While She Faded Away

While She Faded Away

She knew the day has arrived. It has been a few odd years. She went through several bouts of guilt and helplessness.

A few days ago Rumela received a call from her mother. The once regular calls have gradually become few and far between. Earlier, she used to talk to her mother for hours over the phone. Things changed drastically within a span of few years. Now her mother is not only bedridden, her mental state is also getting worse. She is gradually losing her memory and senses as well!

“Rumela Maa, can you come visit me as soon as possible? Nobody listens to me. They think I only talk nonsense  nobody cares for me”, her mother exclaimed as if she was helpless! Rumela felt chill going down her spine. She knows, her mother is not able to form a coherent sentence off late. Her speech has also become blurry. However, nobody ever mentioned that to her. So it surprised her to the core that her mother actually made that statement!

“Maa, give me a few days. I’ll come and stay with you for a month. You can complain me about Baba and Bhai as much as you want to then.”

“Yes beta I’ll wait for you.”

Rumela was not able to hold back her tears after keeping down the phone. Her mind wandered to her childhood as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her mother was her idol – she was the symbol of strength, beauty and goodness. Rumela can sense that her strength is going away from her, fast!

A gamut of emotions crowded her mind. “What happened Rumi,” her husband Dev asked from behind. “I have been calling you for some time. Is everything okay?”

“Nothing! Just been feeling nostalgic. A lot of childhood stories and people attached to them suddenly started knocking at my mind’s door.” Rumela was finding it difficult to hide her emotions. “I want to visit Maa this week.”

After a few days, when she reached home, her mother waved and called her. “You were my strength and you were my friend. I just wished I could have kept you by my side for a few more days. I am so happy to see you!” Those were her mother’s last words.

Rumela’s lips pursed onto a fade flickering smile. Her mother is now FREE – free from her physical immobility, free from her perpetual health issues, free from being lonely, depressed and free from all sorts of pain. Rumela was able to feel how difficult it was for her very active mother to remain restrained in a room. How hard it was for her to be dependent on someone all the time, after spending an independent life throughout.

Rumela is happy that her mother was able to recognize her and shower love to her even on deathbed. Rumela was relieved while everyone else was grieving.

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