The Moment of Light after Darkness

Moment of Light after Darkness

Rohan was ecstatic about how things unfolded today. He was waiting for this day for a long long time. It feels like a moment of light after darkness and he wanted to hold it tight. Now he just wanted to rush to his parents and give them the good news.

As he walked down the road, his mind is filled up with nostalgia. He remembered the stoic face of his parents when his favorite uncle told him “how can you live with it? Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself? You should have at least thought about your parents!”

Since then Rohan faced flitting moments of skepticism. He wondered has he actually been such a bad boy? Should he actually be ashamed of himself? The answers wandered along with his wandering questions.

As he heard the news, he felt a sense of immense relief – he could feel pounds of weight off his shoulder! He wanted to surprise him parents. He opened the door and as soon as he entered his home, a sweet surprise was waiting for him! His parents, his boyfriend, a few people from the society and some of his close friends were rejoicing the event as if the victory was theirs as well. Finally, it is time for Rohan to come out of the closet without being made to feel like a criminal. The repeal of Article 377 of the IPC made everyone stronger and is now being celebrated with jubilation and euphoria – the things missing in Rohan’s life for quite sometime!

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