Durga Puja Nostalgia

Durga Puja Nostalgia
The Gorgeous Durga Pratima

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Durga puja is a nostalgia laden old album

Durga puja is clean blue sky with white floating clouds heralding its arrival

Durga puja is the fragrance of shiuli and the beauty of the lovely kaash phool filling up your autumn mind

Durga puja is listening to Mahisasurmardini at the crack of dawn on Mahalaya

Durga puja is counting the number of new dresses your parents bought for you

Durga puja is waiting for the whole family to get together

Durga puja is going out with your friends anytime without being stopped

Durga puja is non-stop ‘addas’ for hours at a stretch with friends and family

Durga Puja is feeling a special sense of strength and empowerment looking at the gorgeous Durga Pratima
Durga Puja is knowing about Durga Maa and her family’s adventures from my Maa

Durga puja is fasting and getting engrossed in the divine beauty of the Ashtami puja in the morning

Durga puja is feeling a sense of purity and accomplishment while performing Ashtami’s Pushpanjali

Durga puja is waiting for the sound of dhaak, smell of incense sticks/dhuno and the sight of the entertaining dhunuchi naach

Durga puja is gorging on the delicacies like egg rolls and biryani

Durga Puja is enjoying the sights and sounds of the ‘mini mela’ of our ‘para’ pujo

Durga Puja is enjoying the small rides and buying brand new books

Durga puja is budding romances, harmless flirting, the shy smiles and the discreet eye contacts

Durga Puja is getting mesmerized by the spontaneity of ‘Sindur Khela’

Durga Puja is running out to the yard and dancing to the amusing tunes of the ‘Bisarjan’ procession band music

Durga puja is having the time of your life

Durga puja is an emotion, waiting in anticipation


This is me writing about how the teenager me will describe her Durga Puja, the ones which I enjoyed the most in my small city of Durgapur and miss thoroughly. With the Durga Puja knocking at the door, I thought it would be apt to dedicate a post about the events of the Puja during the time I enjoyed it the most. The most fascinating part is that they still feel like yesterday, with all the minute details lingering fresh in the mind!

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