Summertime Fun with Kyra

Summer season is the time when we actually tend to experience the ill-effects of global warming. The summer of 2012 till date has seen me hopping three cities with fluctuating temperature and humidity. Everyone, every other day is praying to God and also resorting to bizarre rituals just to get the glimpse of the Rain God. But suddenly something inside me asked “aren’t summers meant to be hot, that too in a tropical country like India? That voice helped me to stop fooling myself and instead of complaining venture out in order to enjoy the sun and the heat.

With the new found wisdom, I started thinking of ways to enjoy this summer to the core. The first idea that came to my mind was to give a call to my dear friend Kyra, the globe- trotting, extrovert girl always brimming with ideas. After a lot of deliberations, Kyra and I set out to experience some real summertime fun. I was ecstatic about the fact that in this closeted living, finally we finally got the chance to nourish our body with the essential Vitamin D while having some real fun.

The plan was to do nothing extraordinary, but to find and cherish memorable moments from the ordinary. Our idea was to relive the good old school days, when summer vacations were meant to be full of fun and frolic. It was that time of the year when we used to eagerly wait to connect and bond with our cousins. We were not burdened with bags, books and results and instead enjoyed activities, both indoor and outdoor, to the core as a family. With Kyra beside me, the entire plan of drenching in childhood nostalgia seemed extremely easy.

We headed to a small town still retaining its old world charm where one of my cousins stays. Without wasting any time, we started exploring the nooks and corners of the town. There was simply no need to worry about getting tanned as the Lakme Sunscreen was taking good care of that. The never-ending line of trees, the ponds emanating the twinkling sun rays and the small and big houses surrounding them made for a beautiful and relaxing sight. We lazily spent the day walking down the lanes and by lanes, besotted by the chirping of the birds, being soothed by the greenery of the trees and enchanted by the full-bloomed flowers while enjoying the sunshine to hearts content. After wandering throughout the day without caring about anything else it was finally time to relax and rejuvenate. What else do you need when your platter is filled with ripe, juicy mangoes and watermelon!

The other days were also spent in a similar fun-filled fashion – travelling and exploring the entire town, playing gully cricket with the little boys and girls, bathing in the nearby ponds and falling in love with the sights and sounds of the small town which we generally miss in the large metropolises. Refreshment came in the form of long chatting sessions with my relatives and Kyra, sitting on the open terrace and enjoying the cool breeze over glassful of juices and bowl full of fruits. The detoxified and pollution-free mind and body could not have asked for anything more ideal.

How I miss those couple of days of gay abandon amidst the serene natural beauty! The fun and frolic, the carefree life and the sense of becoming a kid all over again during those days, along with Kyra, fills me with happiness rarely known. Wish the days of sunshine never ends or at least come to my life every year and refresh and rejuvenate me in order to face the gruesome monotony of the otherwise dull life.

This post is in response to the fine contest being conducted by Indiblogger.