The Complicated Society and the Role of Social Media

Social Media in today’s world is something which I feel even an elementary student can describe elaborately. We have been living a virtual life, for quite sometime with social media gradually becoming an addiction for the majority of the population using it. Be it politics or entertainment or sports – we cannot deny the unprecedented role that social media is playing.

There are pros and cons to almost everything that the world has to offer us. One of the biggest boons of technology is the invention of social media. However, for the last couple of years, one cannot refute the divisive role social media is playing. Currently, everything is perceived as ‘linear’ – either black or white, good or bad! Where is the existence of the middle path or for that matter the ‘grey’ area?

We have grown up in an era and environment where a debate was considered healthy. In social media if you try to put forth your point, maybe a bit different one from the trending opinions, you might be greeted with rude messages, name calling and trolling. It seems people are always angry and they just need a platform to vent their anger. Tell a creative person, an author or a director, that you did not like his latest creation or agree to one of his opinions. That person might hit back at you with a rude ‘no need to read my books’, ‘unfollow me’, ‘no need to watch my show’! Herein, goes away the scope of criticism by a fan or a follower! We follow you or read your books or watch your show because we like you. We may not like your latest offering and as an audience or a viewer or a follower, don’t we have the right to talk to you about that? You can show your irritation or anger had I been mean to you but why without any reason or provocation?

Everyday the social media is swarmed with a plethora of photo-shopped images and videos. People are trying to prove their points with fake news and information. Yes, we are falling for them. The world is becoming divisive to the point of no return. Everyone is talking, no one is listening! It is becoming extremely difficult for people like us(who belong to the middle of the road) to understand which information is correct and which one is fake!

The fight between religions is now not limited to the advantage of the political leaders. We, the common people are falling for their trap. Rather than looking for the good in any religion, we are focusing on their negative aspects. Everyone thinks that their religion is the best, devoid of any superstition or regressive ideas. In order to prove their points they are resorting to every means, even if they are unfavorable and unsuitable for the society in general.

Social media has given us the scope of knowing the Universe like never before. The click of a button can take us to places. We have the option of knowing different countries, different religions, different cultures, not even by moving an inch. This is something which the earlier generations did not have access to. Then why are we not putting proper values to these favorable circumstances and instead concentrating on the negative one? Pessimism seems to have reached a record high! Being gentle, showing courtesy, engaging in healthy conversations are some of the things which the virtual world seriously needs.

We all should try and stop being mean and start caring. When we talk to a person face to face, we try not to be mean to them. Can we start the same thing in the virtual world which is gradually becoming a reality? Can we all please incorporate words like ‘kind’ ‘love’ ‘positive’ and ‘care’ in our daily lives and discard words like ‘mean’, ‘negative’ and ‘disregard’? I, being an optimist, feel the world will surely become less complicated if we all try to make it one, with all our small actions.