Tick-tock We’re 30 – Book Review

It’s been a long time when I had the spare time to read a book. It was known that motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities, however the presence of the word “never-ending” was unknown to me. While leading a monotonous life, I chanced upon the offer to review Tick-tock We’re 30 by Womenweb. After going through the brief, it seemed to me that the book is the just the one I was looking for at the present moment – a light-hearted, easy-to-read chick lit.

The story revolves around Lara Bagai and her set of friends. They all are attending the reunion during Lara’s upcoming 30th birthday. It is the story of a weeks’ time wherein a lot of changes happen in all those people’s lives. Lara and Nishad, one of the SN gang members coming for the reunion, made a pact in a drunken state a decade ago to get married in case neither of them gets a suitable partner by the time they turned thirty. The main story is built on this very pact, along with the various sub-plots of the other gang members.

Tick-tock We’re 30 is a mish-mash of comedy and drama. The story deals with quite a lot of characters and pens down the trials, tribulations, joys and sorrows of their life. The modern urban setting of the story and the myriad emotions and relationships which the story showcases are easy to identify with. You can put yourself in the shoes of any of the characters as they are all extremely identifiable along with their dreams, aspirations, heartbreaks and more. The wackiness of the characters will take you back to your college days when you were surrounded by adorable friends, jealous friends, pretty friends, crazy friends and not to forget your soul mates.  For you it can be a nostalgic ride remembering the good old days.

The author Milan Vohra is the first Mills and Boon author from India. However, in Tick-tock We’re 30 she has not limited herself to the romantic genre which is expected of her. On the contrary, she has successfully portrayed her crazy and wacky side. The story is light-hearted and the easy flowing language adds to the enjoyment while reading. The pros notwithstanding, the book has its set of cons which are hard to overlook. Personally I felt there are too many characters in the story. At times it was difficult to keep track of the developments happening in the lives of those characters. It is an entertaining read for majority of the times, however some of the segments could have been less lengthy and more taut.

As I described in the beginning, Tick-tock We’re 30 is a smartly written book which is easy to read and simple to understand. The very simplicity of the story and the identifiable characters will definitely keep you hooked to the book from start till the end. I would conclude by saying this is a book which will make for a good travel read. It can also uplift your mood after a long and tiring day as you can see yourself smiling while being part of a journey with the numerous crazy, wild and passionate characters.