R.I.P. by Mukul Deva – The Review

R.I.P. The Resurgent Indian Patriots by Mukul Deva is one helluva ride for its readers with the main protagonist along with his associates acting as vigilantes in order to stop the corrupt culprits rocking and on the verge of destroying the nation. Right from the cover picture to the end of the story one can enjoy a dramatic and pulse-pounding experience while reading the book. A thrilling ambiance is perfectly created in the very first chapter of the story with three immaculately planned murders taking place simultaneously at three different parts of the country. From there, I can assure you it will be a pulsating journey for the readers. R.I.P. talks about the self-appointed vigilante group K-Team headed by Colonel Krishna Athawale. He and his team of five other Special Forces Officers have deadly plans to free the country of the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Being an ex-army man, Krishna and his teammates are incredible in handling complex and deadly plans with ease. Raghav Bhagat, another ex-army personnel, having personal issues with Krishna is the gun for hire, hell-bent on stopping the K-Team. The Special Director of CBI, Vinod Bedi is caught between the crossfire, though with the same intention of halting the plan of action of the K-Team. Along with these characters, there are few other characters like the glamorous news anchor Reena Bhagat and two young boys Sachin and Azaan, who play important roles in taking forward the story.

While you start keeping pace with the story, you will be ensured full action and entertainment, sometimes extremely similar with a lot of thrilling movies. In fact, my personal opinion is that R.I.P. has all the ingredients for making an intense and engaging Bollywood movie! Once you start reading the book past the first chapter, you will understand how addictive it is. Your brain will be filled with various presumptions of how the story would unfold in the next chapters and how will it conclude. That is the very fact which made the book unputdowndable for me and hope will be the same for everyone else as well. Between all the serious plans, operations, killings and chases, there is also a romantic angle in the story which comes as a brief yet welcome relief and does not hamper with the flow and rhythm of the story.

The story incorporates contemporary events which are making headlines every other day. You will find the anti-corruption movements and agendas which are creating ripples in the society as a significant part of the story. However, the main aspect of the story-telling which is hard to overlook is the striking similarities between the various politicians portrayed in the book with some of the reputed politicians in the contemporary Indian political arena. The first thought that came to my mind while going through the details of such politicians is that Mukul Deva must be extremely brave to in fact pen down such details in a not so subtle way, so as to help the readers understand whom he actually means to divulge. He is also lucky that despite such direct and descriptive portrayals, the book did not have to actually face any major hardships from any political parties or politicians, till now.

Certain aspects which I loved about the book is the simple yet nice language used, descriptions of weapons and grenades being meticulously penned down and the fell-good ending albeit the seriousness of the plot and a lot of murders involved. There are certain typographical errors which are hardly noticeable and can be easily ignored. At times you might also find it logic defying as the K-Team carry on their deadly operations successfully time and again without any serious hitches and glitches. If you love thrillers and action stories and even if you don’t, R.I.P. by Mukul Deva is a page turner which will make you fall in love with thrillers with the strong characters and the gripping story-line  right from the work go. Grab a copy of the book as fast as you can.

Rating: A definite 4/5

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